CaJo wants to know… Are you Next?

January 21, 2010


Canton Jones and CaJo International wants to see if you have what it takes to be onthe upcoming “Kingdom Business Part 3”.

Don’t believe me? See below!

See!!!! So what are you waiting for?

Submit your songs TODAY!!!!


Let Them Be Your Lifeguard…

December 29, 2009

Birthed out of Oklahoma, this group is made up of 6 Oral Roberts University students on fire for Christ. I have not only had the opportunity to hear them, but get to know some of their members personally and I love their spirit and vibe.

Kenny Mack, Robert Butler, Ronnie Mills, Julian Martin, Aaron Grace, Christian Scott and Isaiah Rachel became more than group members, they became brothers has time progressed. The group takes delight and interest in providing listeners with quality music that is intended to make a listener place each song on repeat.

The quality of their music, beats and content gives listeners the exact alternative that they to what’s being placed on mainstream radio today. Their debut EP entitled “Resuscitation” features some track sampling, yet the content makes the listener look past the sample and into the message conveyed through the song.

I personally find it great to hear from artist who are willing to take a stand for Christ and not ashamed to let the world know.

One of my personal favorites on the EP are “Go Hard (Kingdom version)”, which encourages the listener to go hard for Christ, serving him until the end. My second favorite and each listener will agree, is “Lifeguard”.

“Lifeguard” the title song that helped develop the group “Lifeguard”. The song is a love song to all young ladies, Christian and non Christian alike, on the charteristics and integrity of a real Man and how the real man will save them, (hence the name “Lifeguard”) from their bad relationships.

Overall, Great Demo fellas! I look forward to the debut cd!

Dumb Dance.. Introducing Rhema Soul!

December 3, 2009

A weekend of two ago, I have had the opportunity to kick with with some very important people in my life..

As I am kicking it with my sister, she hips me to a group called “Rhema Soul” (Thanks Mel!)

She says, “Quan, listen to this… ” and turns to her laptop and turns on this song.

Now! Note readers: I am usually the one hipping everyone to everything, however today… Ms.PR had officially ¬†been schooled!

Before I go into the song, I am actually going to hip you to the group.

Can we say Christian Artist are giving Mainstream artist a run for their money! Based out of South Florida, the trio, Rhema Soul has had the opportunity travel around the world preaching the gospel through hip hop and is now back in the USA.

They are currently in the studio placing the last minute touches on their EP entitled “Dope Beats and Good News”which includes song such as “STREEZ” and “Dumb Dance”.

I am sure that all of you have heard songs and seen dances such as “Jerk” or “The Super Man”. Rhema Soul takes it to another level with their song “Dumb Dance”.

As You know T. Marie loves free bees!!! Make sure you log on to to get your copy of Dumb Dance!

I’ll leave you with this!

The Dumb Dance!

People Even had a Dumb Dance Challenge!! ChecK It Out