#HAPPO Anyone? #HireTMarie

February 18, 2010

Some of you may have wondered, where did T.Marie Go? I haven’t left.. I am still here! Get ready as I release in the next day a whole new site, new features, more ways to stay in tune with T.Marie!

I have recently been getting prepared for Friday’s big twitter event in the PR world, #HAPPO. Now, I know you may be wondering: What is #HAPPO?

#HAPPO  is an event created to assist those in the profession who’ve lost their jobs over the last year and are currently seeking opportunities. #HAPPO assists companies with their recruiting needs by being the connector to highly talent individuals who are in the market for employment!

This Friday, Feb. 19 th, from 10am-2pm CT, PR bloggers and professionals will donate their time to assist in connecting PR Pros with available job opportunities.

PR job seekers are asked to prepare a creative blog post; a pitch persay, pitching yourself to prospective employers. Share it via twitter with during the event time using the hashtag #HAPPO.

The HAPPO “market champions” will help by retweeting and connecting you with potential employers in your specific market (or markets you’re willing to relocated to).

So As I get my pitch ready.. send up a lil prayer for me! and if you are a job seeker… What are you waiting for get involved! #HAPPO!