SPOTLIGHT ARTIST: 100 Proof… Presenting: PointAsh!

December 31, 2009

Hey Fellow Music Lovers..

It has been a minute since I have hit you with some great reviews from some great artist. The wait is over and I AM BACK!

Based out of Gary, IN this hot and new artist in on the move for Christ. This artist has a sound that is a mix between the north and the south. He’s a combination of  a northern feel with a Southern flare!

Dedicated to living the Christ driven life, PointAsh remains committed to serving God and bringing 100 Proof Hip Hop with a Christ twist to the masses.

“PointAsh”‘s name is derived from the word Point, which is a direction attention to or indicate the presence or position of something.  Also, the Word Ash, a derivative of the word Asher, which is the name of one of the 12 tribes of Israel meaning “Happy”. So all together is means someone who is excited about directing anyone to the True King and Master of the Universe, Jesus Christ ( nice little history lesson for you guys :))

Indeed his music takes each listener into a place where they can evaluate and culivate their relationships with Christ as well as placing each listener in remembrance of why we do what we do for Christ. It’s a lifestyle. PointAsh’s music is Lifestyle Music!

With songs such as, 100 Proof Christ, highlighting PointAsh’s mission of directing listeners to Chirst, promoting listeners being “high off of Christ”. As he kindly puts it, ” I know they not going to like this”, but indeed through the other tracks on his cd, he kindly directs listeners into why they MUST understand where he is coming from! PointAsh gives glory to God with song ” All Hail 2 the Kang”, speaking of the characteristics and idenity of Christ.

The album entitled ” Sight Beyond Sight” features one of my favorites on the album ” My L.O.V.E.”, which is a love song about his love relationship with the Father and the purpose of  the Father’s love for us.

If you will be at all the Stellar Award events, make sure you make it to the Stellar After Party “Urban Cafe Access Granted” hosted by Rare Entertainment’s Carlos Hale. Click the flyer below for more information! Point Ash will be rippin he mic!

Log on to to learn more about this exciting new artist. Purchase his music through his site or iTunes TODAY!


Let Them Be Your Lifeguard…

December 29, 2009

Birthed out of Oklahoma, this group is made up of 6 Oral Roberts University students on fire for Christ. I have not only had the opportunity to hear them, but get to know some of their members personally and I love their spirit and vibe.

Kenny Mack, Robert Butler, Ronnie Mills, Julian Martin, Aaron Grace, Christian Scott and Isaiah Rachel became more than group members, they became brothers has time progressed. The group takes delight and interest in providing listeners with quality music that is intended to make a listener place each song on repeat.

The quality of their music, beats and content gives listeners the exact alternative that they to what’s being placed on mainstream radio today. Their debut EP entitled “Resuscitation” features some track sampling, yet the content makes the listener look past the sample and into the message conveyed through the song.

I personally find it great to hear from artist who are willing to take a stand for Christ and not ashamed to let the world know.

One of my personal favorites on the EP are “Go Hard (Kingdom version)”, which encourages the listener to go hard for Christ, serving him until the end. My second favorite and each listener will agree, is “Lifeguard”.

“Lifeguard” the title song that helped develop the group “Lifeguard”. The song is a love song to all young ladies, Christian and non Christian alike, on the charteristics and integrity of a real Man and how the real man will save them, (hence the name “Lifeguard”) from their bad relationships.

Overall, Great Demo fellas! I look forward to the debut cd!