FP Insider: FP Mogul Esosa Osai!

July 28, 2009

For over 6 years, Friendship Productions has filled the Detroit Area with Christian music, fellowship, and people as (the premiere) event production company and disc jockey service for young Christians.

I am very blessed to work with some of the greatest people in Christian entertainment industry! I figured why not feature them on TMariePr.com!

Each month, I will be highlighting a key member of the Friendship Productions team! Meet and Greet  FP Mogul, Esosa Osai!

Esosa1So Tell us Who is Esosa?

Esosa is a tall slim man who loves Jesus, loves people, loves music, and loves the Word of God… I guess there’s a lot more I could say, but I don’t know what else I should say. I strive to be a servant of God in His purpose for what He is doing in the earth. I can’t wait for Jesus to come back physically and rule. I like to play basketball too. Maybe I can hoop with Jesus when he comes back!-) just kidding.

Tell us how Friendship Productions got started?

FP got started when I graduated from MSU in 2001 and I was already a gospel dj that spread the Word through hip hop and music. I sought God and He gave me a vision for friendship productions. Me and a couple of friends started to throw our own parties at a spot on 7 mile & Southfield called “The Gallery.” That was in 2002.

What’s the purpose of Friendship Productions?

The purpose of FP in a nutshell is to spread the Word of God through expressions (publications, music, and events) within the culture.

What do you want each person to get out of coming to a FP event or function?

I want them to be closer to Christ. I want them to grow in the Kingdom. I want them to experience Unity in the Body of Christ, and get out of isolation. I also want them to experience music that changes their hearts with the Word & Spirit of God.

What is your most memorable Friendship Productions moment?

The prayer parties at High Praises… That is the essence of what I want fp to be in the end. A house of prayer that is FUN and filled with God! Also the first time we crewed up with about 25 folks in Believe Or Die shirts to preach the gospel and giveaway stuff at Summer Jamz. That was AWESOME. Oh I can’t forget crowd surfing to Hillsongs “Take it All” at the Lecrae concert in 07… That was fun, I had never done that before.

Through the years of operation, is there anything you would do within Friendship Productions ?

Not lose money on concerts! If I could go back in time, I’d make sure concerts were profitable. esosa2

What is your funniest FP moment?

Canton Jones concert in 2005 dancing and doing Holy Ghost girl.

How do you feel about your staff and volunteers?

I love em! I thank God for them serving Him with me. We all are called to serve our generation by the will of God, and then fall asleep!-) Seriously though, I’m grateful for teammates. We’ve prayed a lot, served a lot, and preached a lot.

What’s next for FP? What’s the future of FP looking like within the next 5 years?

Next for FP is just more growth in the Kingdom. We really want to see this city turned upside down. We’re going to keep networking with likeminded ministries, and do a lot more of the street ministry and community service… In the future you are going to see a lot more resources to build up the Body. I’m working on a series of books to help young adults find identity in the Kingdom of Christ. We’re also planning to get more directly into the music business.

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