#HAPPO Anyone? #HireTMarie

February 18, 2010

Some of you may have wondered, where did T.Marie Go? I haven’t left.. I am still here! Get ready as I release in the next day a whole new site, new features, more ways to stay in tune with T.Marie!

I have recently been getting prepared for Friday’s big twitter event in the PR world, #HAPPO. Now, I know you may be wondering: What is #HAPPO?

#HAPPO  is an event created to assist those in the profession who’ve lost their jobs over the last year and are currently seeking opportunities. #HAPPO assists companies with their recruiting needs by being the connector to highly talent individuals who are in the market for employment!

This Friday, Feb. 19 th, from 10am-2pm CT, PR bloggers and professionals will donate their time to assist in connecting PR Pros with available job opportunities.

PR job seekers are asked to prepare a creative blog post; a pitch persay, pitching yourself to prospective employers. Share it via twitter with during the event time using the hashtag #HAPPO.

The HAPPO “market champions” will help by retweeting and connecting you with potential employers in your specific market (or markets you’re willing to relocated to).

So As I get my pitch ready.. send up a lil prayer for me! and if you are a job seeker… What are you waiting for get involved! #HAPPO!


A Game.. Developing Your Plan – Even Your Bio Speaks!

August 12, 2009

As an upcoming professional in the Christian and Gospel music industry, I figured it would be great if I started to write regarding developing your plan/brand as an artist or company.

I have had the opportunity to go various events with some of the Gospel Music greats, nationally known as well as independent artist. For every artist in the Gospel music industry or not, having a well put together bio, press kit as well as a photos, etc. helps develop the brand of any artist.

It will be the first thing that someone looks at and the last thing someone refers to for information about you! I believe that some artists within the Gospel/Christian industry, we lose sight of this. Some place their focus on the ministry performance, or even wardrobe but lose sight of after all the glits, people’s lives being changed by your ministry and even the glamour of the event, someone is going to refer back to your information.

Step 1. Presentation is everything! Your tracks might be sweet,  your runs might be tight, but if your bio, photos, etc aren’t on their “A-Game” even those things mean NOTHING.

Remember that if you want coverage by magazines, press, etc. you will have to give them something to work with.

Not just looking at it from the natural standpoint, but take it from the spiritual standpoint. We are made in his likeness and image. He has empowered us to walk in excellence in every area of our lives, including the call that he has placed on our lives. When we walk into the world, outside the four walls of our churches, we have to bring our A Game and let everyone know of the God we serve. We are a pure representation of him and this includes in business.

Before you send out that bio, photo, etc. consult with your manager, public relations professional etc. God provides individuals with wisdom in these areas to help take your ministry to the next level. Let them operate in their call!

If you are an independent artist, get with a public relations professional. Some professionals provide free consultations or will direct you in right path to help take your ministry/business, etc. to the next level.

So believe you send… consult! This is T.Marie Signing off.. just me