Metro Detroit Producer Lands Ne-Yo’s Single For Urban Radio

June 29, 2010

DETROIT, MICHIGAN – Monday, June 21, 2010 – Metro Detroit producer D. DoRohn Gough set the standard with his recent collaboration with Grammy award winning, Def Jam recording artist, Ne-Yo. Gough produced the R&B singer’s first single for urban radio, “Champagne Life” for the artist’s fourth album entitled “Libra Scale”.

Receiving raved reviews on various blog sites, “Champagne Life” was released to radio on June 5, 2010.  Gough’s work has been compared to the likes of Norwegian production and songwriting team, StarGate. The Norwegian team is known for their work with Ne-Yo’s, U.S Billboard hit, “Closer”.

Previous collaborations between Gough and Ne-Yo consist of R&B Icon, Janet Jackson’s “ Can’t Be Good” and R&B Group, Day26’s “ Then There’s You”. Gough also serves as the Musical Director for Ne-Yo.

Gough states, “It is a pleasure to be compared to a highly recognized team such as StarGate. My desire is to influence a culture with music that feels good. I am honored that Ne-Yo is allowing me to display this music on a global stage. ” Ne-Yo’s album “Libra Scale” is set to be released on September 21, 2010.

About D.DoRohn Gough

Born and raised in the Motor City, Producer, D. DoRohn Gough learned at an early age that he was going to make a daily contribution impacting the world through music. DoRohn’s production skills have transcended genre’s as he has worked with R&B artists Chris Brown and 112 to Gospel sensation, Dorinda Clark Cole and Gospel artist, Kierra “KiKi” Sheard.

To schedule interviews, speaking appearances or additional information regarding D. DoRohn Gough, contact The Gough Administration at 248.956.1220 or



#HAPPO Anyone? #HireTMarie

February 18, 2010

Some of you may have wondered, where did T.Marie Go? I haven’t left.. I am still here! Get ready as I release in the next day a whole new site, new features, more ways to stay in tune with T.Marie!

I have recently been getting prepared for Friday’s big twitter event in the PR world, #HAPPO. Now, I know you may be wondering: What is #HAPPO?

#HAPPO  is an event created to assist those in the profession who’ve lost their jobs over the last year and are currently seeking opportunities. #HAPPO assists companies with their recruiting needs by being the connector to highly talent individuals who are in the market for employment!

This Friday, Feb. 19 th, from 10am-2pm CT, PR bloggers and professionals will donate their time to assist in connecting PR Pros with available job opportunities.

PR job seekers are asked to prepare a creative blog post; a pitch persay, pitching yourself to prospective employers. Share it via twitter with during the event time using the hashtag #HAPPO.

The HAPPO “market champions” will help by retweeting and connecting you with potential employers in your specific market (or markets you’re willing to relocated to).

So As I get my pitch ready.. send up a lil prayer for me! and if you are a job seeker… What are you waiting for get involved! #HAPPO!

Hot Off The Press!!!

January 26, 2010


Hey to all my subscribers!!!

As I mentioned in my recent blog, Gospel Recording Artist Kirk Franklin during Stellar weekend assembled some of Gospel Music greats together (Mary MaryNatalie GrantDonnie McClurkin, J MossCeCe WinansKierra SheardDorinda Clark-ColeMarvin Winans,Micah StampleyKaren Clark SheardSmokie NorfulShirley CaesarAmy Grant,BeBe WinansBrian Courtney WilsonStephen HurdNicole C. Mullen, and MORE) to record a relief song for Haiti! Prepare to get some tissue! The last scene in the video reminds me of “We are the world” with Quincy Jones! This is the modern day version!

Let us continue to keep the people of Haiti lifted up in prayer! If you can, PLEASE donate!

2103 News!!

The PAJAM group, 2103 is at it again!! They are back in the studio producing hot music! Had an opportunity to catch up with Evin and the group is really on the move! So much on the move that they just got back from LONDON!!! Want an inside look at their trip?

Just a clip of 2103 singing at Straight Gate International

2103’s trip to London

More London with 2103

CaJo wants to know… Are you Next?

January 21, 2010


Canton Jones and CaJo International wants to see if you have what it takes to be onthe upcoming “Kingdom Business Part 3”.

Don’t believe me? See below!

See!!!! So what are you waiting for?

Submit your songs TODAY!!!!

That New New…

January 21, 2010

Hey all my faithful readers!

I wanted to make sure that I keep you on the up and up! Stellar’s weekend festivities went great according to my colleagues in the Gospel. Big ups to Carlos Hale and the Urban Soul family for closing out Dave and Buster’s! Christian Entertainment at its finest!! We need to do something like that In Michigan… ummm..

New Videos!!

Anywho! Canton Jones is at it again!!! The Official MY Year videos is available on YOU TUBE! But I decided to bring it to my spot for your viewing pleasure!! MY YEAR features Canton Jones, Ramona Jones, Milliyon and Erica! Check out the shot of the Jones Family! Peep the very end of the video… you know see why, when you do it… All in all, I believe quality wise it was okay. The message was great of course, I do however believe that it could have been a little better quality wise but it was great overall in my eyes.  If you a Canton Jones Fan like myself, anything from him is good to you! Overall, LOVED IT! I want to know how you felt about the video so make sure you leave your comments below!

On To Other News:

On another note, it has been buzzing around the twitter world that our lovely songstress/psalmist Kim Burrell will be releasing a secular cd! I know I might get bashed for this one, but I AM EXCITED! Its about time we bring the world to us! I believe she has been given a mission and this phase of her career in the industry, she will do just that.  With her doing a secular album, this does not mean that she will be doing raunchy or out right defying God in her music! Plus let’s be real, the Married Christian needs something to listen to! Congrats Kim!!!

In Recent News:

We have all been hit by the events that recently took place in Hiati. Whether, we knew someone personally or just wanted to lend a helping hand! It is good to know that the Christian/Gospel Music community is taking a stand and doing something to help with the efforts! Kirk Franklin has just announced he will be doing a song self- written and produced entitled “Song for Pain” with all proceeds from the song going Haiti. Artist who dropped by the session were: Mary MaryNatalie GrantDonnie McClurkin, J MossCeCe WinansKierra SheardDorinda Clark-ColeMarvin Winans,Micah StampleyKaren Clark SheardSmokie NorfulShirley CaesarAmy Grant,BeBe WinansBrian Courtney WilsonStephen HurdNicole C. Mullen, and MORE.

Detroit, We did it again!!!

Last but not least, I want to take a little time out to acknowledge the Detroit artist that brought Stellar Award’s home over the weekend! Congrats to everyone! We are so excited and overjoyed for you!

Well that’s your inside scoop from Ms.TMarie!

Detroit! Are you SUNDAY’s BEST?

January 5, 2010

Yes!! Detroit, Are YOU Ready?

The 2010 Auditions have been posted and Thanks to my dear brother EJ at I found out they are coming to DETROIT!

So, Detroit you know we are going to have to show them right! We are know for our rifts and our runs!

Let’s show BET what DETROIT has to offer!! Not just the rifts, the runs and what not.. but also the anointing and the ministry behind the gifts God has given us!

Audition info below:


January 30, 2010 at CoboCenter


February 20, 2010 at Georgia World Congress Center

According to the BET Sunday Best website says that there will be a 3rd city as well, to be announced soon. They will also be adding all audition material to the site soon.

Visit for continued info  and updates on the auditions.

GO GET EM Detroit!!!

SPOTLIGHT ARTIST: 100 Proof… Presenting: PointAsh!

December 31, 2009

Hey Fellow Music Lovers..

It has been a minute since I have hit you with some great reviews from some great artist. The wait is over and I AM BACK!

Based out of Gary, IN this hot and new artist in on the move for Christ. This artist has a sound that is a mix between the north and the south. He’s a combination of  a northern feel with a Southern flare!

Dedicated to living the Christ driven life, PointAsh remains committed to serving God and bringing 100 Proof Hip Hop with a Christ twist to the masses.

“PointAsh”‘s name is derived from the word Point, which is a direction attention to or indicate the presence or position of something.  Also, the Word Ash, a derivative of the word Asher, which is the name of one of the 12 tribes of Israel meaning “Happy”. So all together is means someone who is excited about directing anyone to the True King and Master of the Universe, Jesus Christ ( nice little history lesson for you guys :))

Indeed his music takes each listener into a place where they can evaluate and culivate their relationships with Christ as well as placing each listener in remembrance of why we do what we do for Christ. It’s a lifestyle. PointAsh’s music is Lifestyle Music!

With songs such as, 100 Proof Christ, highlighting PointAsh’s mission of directing listeners to Chirst, promoting listeners being “high off of Christ”. As he kindly puts it, ” I know they not going to like this”, but indeed through the other tracks on his cd, he kindly directs listeners into why they MUST understand where he is coming from! PointAsh gives glory to God with song ” All Hail 2 the Kang”, speaking of the characteristics and idenity of Christ.

The album entitled ” Sight Beyond Sight” features one of my favorites on the album ” My L.O.V.E.”, which is a love song about his love relationship with the Father and the purpose of  the Father’s love for us.

If you will be at all the Stellar Award events, make sure you make it to the Stellar After Party “Urban Cafe Access Granted” hosted by Rare Entertainment’s Carlos Hale. Click the flyer below for more information! Point Ash will be rippin he mic!

Log on to to learn more about this exciting new artist. Purchase his music through his site or iTunes TODAY!