The First Lady of FP: Shereena Osai

August 13, 2009

For the month of August , I had the opportunity to interview the first lady of Friendship Productions, Mrs. Shereena Osai!

Tap into the second edition of the FP Insider: testiphy

T.Marie: Tell us a little about Shereena Osai

Shereena: Shereena Osai is a complex person with many gifts and talents she is trying to use to glorify God. I am at a very unique place in life, God is calling me to a higher level in ALL areas of life, so I am under major construction right now.
T.Marie: What is your role at FP?
Shereena: I am the Vice President of Friendship Productions, I also like to call myself the Administrative Coordinator. I help Esosa come up with event concepts, and I help with administrative tasks and organization. I am also the Evangelism Coordinator.
T.Marie: What’s your most memorable FP moment?

Shereena: My most memorable FP moment was at the Don’t Waste Your Life concert, June 13, 2009. Lecrae was on stage ministering and the presence of God was so strong in the palce. I was in a deep place of worship. I opened my eyes and I saw 1500 people with their arms raised, giving praise to God. And at that moment I saw how far God has brought FP, and how far we have yet to go, and I began to weep for God’s faithfulness to us is so true.

T.Marie: How long have you been serving with FP?

Shereena: I have been serving with FP for about two and a half years.
T.Marie:  If you could relive any FP moment what would it be?

Shereena: The first Canton Jones concert way back in 2005! That was my first fp concert. I had just finished my sophomore year at Western Michigan University and my friends and I drove from Kalamazoo to Detroit for the event. We had such a good time! I was so impressed with the young people I saw going forth in their callings. Esosa as the promoter and DJ, Joshua Generation Dancing, Rock Nation moving bolding in music under the anointing…it was amazing to me. It inspired me to pursue the things God was calling me to, and really showed me that I did not have to wait until I was thirty to move in my calling.
T.Marie : You’re a stylist right, tell us more about your passion.

Shereena: My passion is to help others express their inner beauty on the outside as well. I see so many people who do not realize how beautiful they are. Many people suffer from low self esteem, and have been abused. People hide behind the “I don’t care” attitude, because they don’t think they are beautiful or attractive (men and women). But we are made in the image of God, and if you read scriptures that descirbe heaven and how God looks you will see that God is beautiful and is surrounded by beautiful things. So I just want to help show people the beauty they already have, and help them present themselves accordingly.
T.Marie: Tell the readers about tes-ti-phy.
Shereena: tes-ti-phy is the clothing line God gave me. The fashion industry is very dark and Godless. As a fashion design student, I struggled with the idea of working in such a dark industry, and I was not sure how I could live a holy life in the industry. So God gave me the idea for tes-ti-phy in 2005. And the entire purpose is to demonstrate that even fashion must bow down and glorify God. I praise God for my father, Hilton Kelley, who funded the entire start up of the business.. The web site is now finished so readers can check it out!
What’s your heart’s desire as the Head woman behind FP?

Shereena: As the head woman of FP I just want God to be glorified, I  want us to build the ministry God designed and cause people to respond to the love of God through our labor. Obedience to God equals success, and Godly success leads to eternal rewards, and our focus is on eternity.


FP Insider: FP Mogul Esosa Osai!

July 28, 2009

For over 6 years, Friendship Productions has filled the Detroit Area with Christian music, fellowship, and people as (the premiere) event production company and disc jockey service for young Christians.

I am very blessed to work with some of the greatest people in Christian entertainment industry! I figured why not feature them on!

Each month, I will be highlighting a key member of the Friendship Productions team! Meet and Greet  FP Mogul, Esosa Osai!

Esosa1So Tell us Who is Esosa?

Esosa is a tall slim man who loves Jesus, loves people, loves music, and loves the Word of God… I guess there’s a lot more I could say, but I don’t know what else I should say. I strive to be a servant of God in His purpose for what He is doing in the earth. I can’t wait for Jesus to come back physically and rule. I like to play basketball too. Maybe I can hoop with Jesus when he comes back!-) just kidding.

Tell us how Friendship Productions got started?

FP got started when I graduated from MSU in 2001 and I was already a gospel dj that spread the Word through hip hop and music. I sought God and He gave me a vision for friendship productions. Me and a couple of friends started to throw our own parties at a spot on 7 mile & Southfield called “The Gallery.” That was in 2002.

What’s the purpose of Friendship Productions?

The purpose of FP in a nutshell is to spread the Word of God through expressions (publications, music, and events) within the culture.

What do you want each person to get out of coming to a FP event or function?

I want them to be closer to Christ. I want them to grow in the Kingdom. I want them to experience Unity in the Body of Christ, and get out of isolation. I also want them to experience music that changes their hearts with the Word & Spirit of God.

What is your most memorable Friendship Productions moment?

The prayer parties at High Praises… That is the essence of what I want fp to be in the end. A house of prayer that is FUN and filled with God! Also the first time we crewed up with about 25 folks in Believe Or Die shirts to preach the gospel and giveaway stuff at Summer Jamz. That was AWESOME. Oh I can’t forget crowd surfing to Hillsongs “Take it All” at the Lecrae concert in 07… That was fun, I had never done that before.

Through the years of operation, is there anything you would do within Friendship Productions ?

Not lose money on concerts! If I could go back in time, I’d make sure concerts were profitable. esosa2

What is your funniest FP moment?

Canton Jones concert in 2005 dancing and doing Holy Ghost girl.

How do you feel about your staff and volunteers?

I love em! I thank God for them serving Him with me. We all are called to serve our generation by the will of God, and then fall asleep!-) Seriously though, I’m grateful for teammates. We’ve prayed a lot, served a lot, and preached a lot.

What’s next for FP? What’s the future of FP looking like within the next 5 years?

Next for FP is just more growth in the Kingdom. We really want to see this city turned upside down. We’re going to keep networking with likeminded ministries, and do a lot more of the street ministry and community service… In the future you are going to see a lot more resources to build up the Body. I’m working on a series of books to help young adults find identity in the Kingdom of Christ. We’re also planning to get more directly into the music business.

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