Who’s T.Marie

Graduate of Eastern Michigan University with a degree in Public Relations, TaQuinda “TMarie” Johnson  is known for her aggressive, enthusiastic  attitude and results driven approach to the practice of public relations.

Dedicated to her field, TaQuinda is passionately know for her drive and ambition to see the desires of each client met. With the possession of these skils and during the duration of her study at EMU, TaQuinda was an intern with the Career Services Department at EMU then furthering her experince in Public Relations transitioned into an internship with the General Motors Minority Dealers Association (GMMDA).

During her season with the GMMDA, TaQuinda was held responsible for various projects and initiatives such as 2005 GM Winter PEP Conference and 2005 GMMDA Scholarship Program Meet and Greet Program. She later went on to obtain a full time position with the GMMDA shortly after graduation.

During her time at EMU, TaQuinda also found a her passion providing public relations and event planning services to the Christian Entertainment and Gospel Music Industries.  She has worked with various artist such as Marvin Winans, Jr., Mahogany Jones, etc. She has also provided expertise in the field of PR for events highlighting some of Gospel Music’s greats, Cross Movement Records Da Truth,  Arrow Records Canton Jones, Pajam’s 21:03, EMI Gospel’s Kierra ‘KiKi’ Sheard and many more.

TaQuinda has taken her love for writing even further by joining the team at Detroit Gospel.com as a writer, where she highlights Gospel events and artist album reviews.

TaQuinda is actively job seeking a position in the field of public relations to continue to develop her craft and calling.

” My desire has always been to see the clients vision come to life. With the correct public relations tactics, research and drive, I know these desires can be met. To be PR is more than a job, its a call. ” – TaQuinda “T.Marie” Johnson


7 Responses to Who’s T.Marie

  1. jsoulsuperstarrr says:

    hey t.marie! the site is looking good! keep it hot!!!

  2. Joanna Willis says:

    Hey love the site and the artice with Shereena! Great job!

  3. BustaBrowne says:

    Wuz homie this is BustaBrowne from twitter. All systems are go!

  4. Great meeting you in Journchat. I work at the Joe part time and I was wondering if you help put together How Sweet the Sound or is that just a Verizon Wireless fundraiser?

    • tmariepr says:

      Jamie! Thanks for stopping by! No I did not assist with the How Sweet the Sound tour. How Sweet The Sound is put on by Verizon Wireless.

  5. Shayla Smart says:

    Great job! I am happy for you, stepping out and doing what you love with the love of God is the best job,hobby,or ministry ever. Be Blessed!


  6. Jasmine says:

    T.Marie, I am glad to witness how the Lord is favoring you! Keep Him first always!

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