Hot New Artist!

Hey to all my faithful readers!

As you all know, I try to keep everyone up to date with the Hottest in Gospel Music and the Christian Entertainment Industry.

As browsed around iTunes this morning for HOT new music, I ran across a few new artist. I said to my self, “Self”. Myself said “Humm…” Let me stop. I knew that I needed to share this with my readers! Tell me what you think!

Please Note: If you are not into Rhythm and Praise, Urban Gospel, the following selections are not for you! But Please pass them on to someone  you believe would be blessed by their ministry! ENJOY!

Chris Lee – Album Entitled “Kryptonite”
Available on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, Digstation, The Bus Shop

Chris is far from traditional gospel music. Residing from Kansas City, Missouri, this upcoming artist is bringing pure fire, real life experience to the Gospel industry. No sugar coding the message here with his music!

Korey Bowie
Album Entitled ” Life & Love, Vol. 1 – Songs of the Heart”

Darion Ja’Von

Album Entitled ” Darion Ja’Von”


4 Responses to Hot New Artist!

  1. Peter Park says:

    Thanks for sharing. It really helps me know what to keep an eye out for.

  2. sauce remix says:

    Yea chris lee is dope, on top of that he really loves the Lord and his wife man dude is on it, he letting the Holy Spirit have his! That’s my dude though we got tons of stuff in the oven and already out!

  3. Danielle K says:

    Whoa, Chris Lee is on FIRE!!!! Thanks for introducing me to him. I’m gonna go tell EVERYBODY.

  4. Thanks for the heads up!

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