Real.. Just.. REAL

September 11, 2009

With hits like “Personal Jesus”, “Bout A Thang”, “Fail U”, “God Has Not 4Got”, “Make Me Over”or most recently “Blend” and “Joy”, Tonex has been none as one of the most controversial yet, life changing artist in the Gospel industry.

Now, I know some of you are thinking .. “Did T.Marie just say life changing?” and I am going on record to say YES LIFE CHANGING!! The internet,social media sites,  phone lines, BBM messengers have been buzzing since the latest interview with Tonex has been released on The Word Network by Gospel Artist Lexi. ( By the way, great job Lex, I know that there had to be a lot of pressure on you while you were conducting it)!

I personally thought it was very thorough interview that really hit the facts on what people always wondered and shared within their circles, searching for the truth.

Despite the information that was displayed in the interview regarding him being attracted to men or views on homosexuality , the man is still that…A MAN! I also must add that he is a MAN OF GOD. The Word of God says that the call of God is without repentance. So my statement about his music being life changing, is correct. The anointing of God that is upon the man when he wrote those songs is still upon him TODAY. I can truly say his songs, especially on the ” OUT THE BOX” album, has really ministered to my heart and helped me in my college years.

Now, do I believe that this interview was a call for help? YES! It was said in the interview that he has “received deliverance”, went to deliverance services and clearly came out feeling the same BUT he is waiting on God to see “where he is going to take this”. This is just T.Marie, but I believe that you have to make a decision if you want to be freed first, and as this man has stated he is still “struggling”, which means this was his open call.

As I am writing this, I am listening to “Out The Box” in tears because it still to this day, hits my heart and ministers to me in so many ways.. Once again.. the call WITHOUT REPENTANCE!

I personally feel his tranparency was REAL and was NEEDED, especially in the body of Christ. At times things are always covered versus being addressed and providing results. Now, what we do from hearing this is our next move. When we get to heaven, we will be held accountable for the information that was given in this  interview. So my question is, “What are you going to do now?”

We pray for his deliverance. We pray that God deals with his heart and the “struggle” he speaks of and most importantly… WE LOVE ON HIM!

I’ll leave you with this..