FP Insider: FP Mogul Esosa Osai!

July 28, 2009

For over 6 years, Friendship Productions has filled the Detroit Area with Christian music, fellowship, and people as (the premiere) event production company and disc jockey service for young Christians.

I am very blessed to work with some of the greatest people in Christian entertainment industry! I figured why not feature them on TMariePr.com!

Each month, I will be highlighting a key member of the Friendship Productions team! Meet and Greet  FP Mogul, Esosa Osai!

Esosa1So Tell us Who is Esosa?

Esosa is a tall slim man who loves Jesus, loves people, loves music, and loves the Word of God… I guess there’s a lot more I could say, but I don’t know what else I should say. I strive to be a servant of God in His purpose for what He is doing in the earth. I can’t wait for Jesus to come back physically and rule. I like to play basketball too. Maybe I can hoop with Jesus when he comes back!-) just kidding.

Tell us how Friendship Productions got started?

FP got started when I graduated from MSU in 2001 and I was already a gospel dj that spread the Word through hip hop and music. I sought God and He gave me a vision for friendship productions. Me and a couple of friends started to throw our own parties at a spot on 7 mile & Southfield called “The Gallery.” That was in 2002.

What’s the purpose of Friendship Productions?

The purpose of FP in a nutshell is to spread the Word of God through expressions (publications, music, and events) within the culture.

What do you want each person to get out of coming to a FP event or function?

I want them to be closer to Christ. I want them to grow in the Kingdom. I want them to experience Unity in the Body of Christ, and get out of isolation. I also want them to experience music that changes their hearts with the Word & Spirit of God.

What is your most memorable Friendship Productions moment?

The prayer parties at High Praises… That is the essence of what I want fp to be in the end. A house of prayer that is FUN and filled with God! Also the first time we crewed up with about 25 folks in Believe Or Die shirts to preach the gospel and giveaway stuff at Summer Jamz. That was AWESOME. Oh I can’t forget crowd surfing to Hillsongs “Take it All” at the Lecrae concert in 07… That was fun, I had never done that before.

Through the years of operation, is there anything you would do within Friendship Productions ?

Not lose money on concerts! If I could go back in time, I’d make sure concerts were profitable. esosa2

What is your funniest FP moment?

Canton Jones concert in 2005 dancing and doing Holy Ghost girl.

How do you feel about your staff and volunteers?

I love em! I thank God for them serving Him with me. We all are called to serve our generation by the will of God, and then fall asleep!-) Seriously though, I’m grateful for teammates. We’ve prayed a lot, served a lot, and preached a lot.

What’s next for FP? What’s the future of FP looking like within the next 5 years?

Next for FP is just more growth in the Kingdom. We really want to see this city turned upside down. We’re going to keep networking with likeminded ministries, and do a lot more of the street ministry and community service… In the future you are going to see a lot more resources to build up the Body. I’m working on a series of books to help young adults find identity in the Kingdom of Christ. We’re also planning to get more directly into the music business.

Make sure you tune in monthly to get an inside look into Friendship Productions!


The Winner is.. CoKo

July 26, 2009


Songs like ” Let Me Go”, “Rescue Me” and last but certainly not least “Wait” have been on HEAVY rotation on my cd player and ipod since I got Coko’s sophomore album in the mail, ” The Winner In Me”.

By far, it is a great second album. I can truly say there has not been a single song on the cd that has not ministered my spirit. The R&B and Gospel Sensation has done it again!

The collaborations on this cd is what I like to call A-1! Great move for Coko to team up with my brother and favorite artist Canton Jones on “Make A Way”. A true day starter, the beat will have anyone on their feet and last but certainly the lyrics really hit home! I can hear the college choirs singing this already for the 09-10 school year! “Make A Way” has this live effect to it that is out of this world! Great Job on this one!

Her collaboration with what I personally call the “True Worshiper” himself Israel Houghton on “The Joy of the Lord”, really places the listener back in remembrance that the Joy of the Lord is our strength.

Coko also teamed up with  R & B and Gospel Diva herself, Kelly Price on “Oh Mary” that was written by The Church Girl herself, Onitsha. Great Song.. really ministers to the women from all facets and walks of life.

The “Winner In Me” encourages listeners that despite what goes on in our lives, we are to look at the “Winner In Us”, which is Jesus Christ. Coko encourages everyone to share your testimony on how you got where you were, how you survived what you did, it was because of the “Winner in us” Jesus Christ. We are all winners because of the winner in us, Jesus! I can shout right there!CokoiTunes_6721

“Wait” on the Lord when times get tough and to be of good courage. Resting and knowing that God’s word will not come back to us void and he will come through on our behalf! Most definitely CoKo is preaching to her listeners on this one!

Oh and last but not least, my second favorite on this cd ” I Surrender”. A song that highlights how at times in our lives we go through so much, we have to get to a place where we have to make that decision and completely surrender every area of our lives to God. “Here we are .. use us.”

Again, Great Second Album Coko! Your growth as a person spiritually and naturally shines through this album. I truly was blessed!

DWYL Hits Detroit..Leaving A Mark!

July 26, 2009

Lights.. Smoke.. Bass.. Loud screaming fans from Chicago, Ohio and most importantly DETROIT filled the 3000 capacity Fellowship Chapel located off 7707 W. Outer Drive in Detroit, Mich.

Shouts of praise, hands in worship went all throughout the building from the youngest to the oldest as Reach Records Artist, Lecrae, Trip Lee, Tedashii , Sho Baraka and Cross Movement Records Artist, Flame hit the stage in their own individual ways. Lecrae hit fans with tracks from his recently released album “Rebel”, with Classics from his debut Cd “After The Music Stops” with “Jesus Musik”.

The recent newlywed Trip Lee hit the stage with songs from his cd “20/20″, which focuses on inviting the listener to see God clearly, 20/20 Vision.. Tedashii hit the fans with HOT FIRE off of his recently released album entitled ” Identity Crisis”. . the title says it all.. with tracks such as ” Make War” and “I’m  A Believer”.

Sho Baraka hit the stage with tracks from his cd entitled ” and Flame slapped fans with tracks from “Redeemed”, including everyone’s favorite “Joyful Noise”.

The night was filled with youth and the young at heart lifting hands and shouting lyrics, but most importantly being ministered to. Each song had a message and ended with an alter of young adults committing to live their lives “Out Loud” for Jesus. The Reach Artist placed left their hearts on the stage to make sure that the people were ministered to. It was most definitely a life changing experience for all. This was one concert that left me speakless.

Got a chance to kick it with The Man behind Christian Manifesto himself, Mr. C.E. Moore! See Pic below!

Christian Manifesto and T.Marie Media Group...

Christian Manifesto and T.Marie Media Group...


July 23, 2009

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The Big Picture… 7.21.09

July 9, 2009

The Long awaiting premiere of Da Truth’s latest album entitled ” The Big Picture” is here!!

See .. Experience… Live….


Reality.. A Breathe of Fresh Air!

July 8, 2009

A glimpse of Reality is what i like to call Lisa McClendon’s latest album entitled ” Reality”. It has been a long time coming.. but I am happy to have her back and in full effect.
realityAfter the release of “Live From The House of Blues” I was really going through Lisa withdrawals. So, ” Reality” was  for me a breath of fresh air! I felt like FINALLY someone knows what I go through on a day to day basis!

I have always been in love with her individuality and the way that she brings listeners into the different stages of life that we go through along with cultivating our relationships with Christ in the meantime.

The cd hits home, with tracks such as ” Immabeme”, despite what others may say we have to focus on our lives, the way God has created us to live our lives and continues to walk in love regardless. Or, tracks such as my personal favorite  “Manifest”, which is what I call a plea to God asking him to manifest his love toward us so that we can manifest it through others!

“Reality” has tracks such as “Thank You”, placing the listener into a position of thanks for everything in their lives, including the small things that we so happen to take for granted.

Great come back if I say so myself! You can tell that Lisa has not only grown as an artist but also as a believer! GO LISA!!!

Two Thumbs Up!

CALLING Mainstream!!! “It’s Hip Hop: Remixed” is HERE!

July 7, 2009

arrow-records-its-officialLoud Bass Line.. Hot Track.. Fire Lyrics.. is most definitely coming from the hot new release from Arrow Records entitled ” It’s Official: Hip Hop Remixed”. Indeed, it was most def a great combination of Rhythm and Praise and Holy Hip Hop Artist.

With hot artists such as Arrow’s own, Canton Jones, DeLoren, T Haddy, KGD, Big Ran, Dria, DJ and mixing from non other than DJ Sean Blu, Arrow has succeeded once again to not only cater to youth, but any listener young at heart.

Like any HOT new cd, you will always have your personal favorites!  My personal favorites are “Be On E”, “Oxy Clean” and “Musicbox” along with the classics, the remixes to “Kingdom Business” and “Living Clean Music” by one of my favorite artist, Canton Jones! (By the way, can’t wait for the new album to drop CaJo!)

One of the greatest elements of this cd, is that the artists really hit home with lyrics that will change ANY and EVERY listeners life. With Lyrics Such as “I’m Gonna Win/No Matter what they say about me/I Can’t Loose” .  Songs dealing with daily issues, elements to living a successful life as a Christian and more.

If you are a Christian that needs to replace some of your secular cd, I would recommend getting this cd, ASAP! For your veterans out there.. This is a MOST HAVE!

It reminds me a lot of the 116 Clique compilation cd that came out a few years back. Low key, I personally would love to see more compilation cds! Bringing the body together ya know?

I love that Gospel music is taking up another level, with quality, production as well as artistry! Arrow you got me hooked over here once again! The beats, lyrics are really comparable to anything played on mainstream radio! NOTICE TO MAIN STREAM RADIO: GET ON IT!!! STEP YA GAME UP!!!