Fitness .. An Act of Worship!

April 30, 2009
Yes you read that right!

This morning God woke me a little earlier than I usually wake up and instructed me to run. Now I am not going to be all deep but this one I have to hit you with!

As I got dressed, it was like a force was behind me and I couldn’t stop it. So I just decided to go with it and let God do what he was doing this morning.

As I got outside I just took off running, he instructed me to run a part of my complex’s parking lot. As I was running on my 6 lap, he said Quan did you know that you are worshipping me by your running right now? I said Lord… running an act of worship?


He said Yes! and referred me back to Romans 12:1 “I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service.”

I said Oh Yeah! Then it is hit me like a tone of bricks! If you look at the word Present it means ” to afford or furnish” to ” to direct, point or turn something to someone else” or to bring, offer or give in a formal or ceremonious way” WOW.. ceremonious!!!

Reasonable meaning that it is the LEAST you can do!!!

The word also speaks of how we are to finish the race that is set before us (Hebrews 12:1 – “Therefore we also, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily ensnares us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us,”

When we worship God in our bodies by working out, we are preserving our bodies so that we can do HIS will what he has called us to do!

Lately, I am going to be real, I needed a push in my worship, I had got lax and tired. I didn’t want to push myself anymore. Low key I was doing it, but was doing it out of knowing ” it was right to do” or ” I had to do it’ but this morning God had to reignite my fire. God literally had to place my body in SHOCK!!!

Before!!! Yeah I know I was big!

He had to bring my focus of my workout back to him, where it all began! Not the focus on getting the weight off. I guarantee that if you are focusing on God the weight will immediately come off..

It is about his service, not our needs!

So I challenge you today, Have you worshiped God with your body today?

** Did you know that you can control your appetite too? The Bible states in 1 Cor. 9:27 “But I discipline my body and bring it into subjection, lest, when I have preached to others, I myself should become disqualified.” WOW… Confession of the Day: TODAY I CONTROL MY APPETITE MY APPETITE DOES NOT CONTROL ME!!!!! I PLACE IT UNDER SUBJECTION IN JESUS NAME!!

Look at my Face.. I mean BUSINESS!!!

Look at my Face.. I mean BUSINESS!!!

Have a blessed Day!


The Alternative.. That’s Wassup!

April 20, 2009

Who’s at it..? He’s about 6’2, Muscular, Fashion Savvy and rocks a Red Hair Fro Hawk… With whom am I speaking of? No other than DJ L-Boog, that’s who’s at it!

Packed with power behind his turntables, the master DJ is at it again! This past weekend (4.17.09), he hosted The Alternative at The Upper Room located on Grand River and Telegraph.

The Alternative served an album release party for upcoming local talent, Russ Dae for is newly release ” State of Emergency”. The Alternative featured other artist such as Kisma J. Nikki B. and M-80! Equipped with a live house band, L Boog and the Alternative shut it down.

The night was filled with energy and excitement and really exciplified the Christian Entertainment lifestyle.

Packed with excitement and dare to say an agrnaline rush, Russ Dae really hyped the crowd, and gave the people what they wanted. Through the years, I have seen artist with stage presence and lack there of.. indeed i can say that Russ Dae has it.

The band behind his postive, upbeat and catchy lyrics had the crowd bobbing their heads and even waving cellphones in the air.

The cd is a must have for any collection!

Oh and I can’t forget Kisma, this girl can SANG.. not sing.. but SANG!! She laid down the vocals so strong and KILLED ” You Loved Me” the Jesus version! Low key in my eyes.. blew KiKi and Karen out the water.. This Girls Range is Amazing! I believe she will go very far!

Overall The Alternative is where its at! The 18+ crowd have another place to get down and live out the Christian Entertainment lifestyle.

Great job, L Boog!


April 16, 2009


A couple of days before ” I Crave”, I decided to log on to my fav. source for music, iTunes and see if Tonex had a new album out.

Low and behold a new album dropped in March of this year! Yes March 17, 2009, “Unspoken” hit the streets available for purchase.

Now, I am going to be real, when I first stumbled upon this cd I was a little puzzled.
I had mixed feelings. I didn’t know what to say or feel. I didn’t know if it was save to say  “he’s back” or to say that ” he wasn’t”.

Now I can say confidently ” He’s back”. This album took me back to his Tonex ” Pronounced Toe-nay” days. The Wild hair, the questionable vibe.. yet the message is so clear!

Songs such as Fiyah and Bring IT have beats that will have you dancing for days..

Songs like  Bl3nd  will have you thinking about your everday life, questioning your motives behind the things that you do and lastly asking yourself  ” why do you try to blend.. when your unique in God’s eyes”. I am encouraging EVERYONE to take the time to listen to that track if nothing else!! It will indeed change your life.

He puts a twist on old school Classic in the song, and album title: “UnSpoken”. Tonex hits home with lyrics, “It’s Me.. It’s me .. It’s me.. Oh Lord.. standing in the need of prayer.. I need Thee. Hands up in the air, because this prayer is unspoken.. those who know the prayer of faith, please hear my devotion.. I’m in need of intercession.. this one’s unspoken.

Sometimes as Christians, we don’t have any words.. we just need someone to pray. Follow the spirit and pray.. so “Unspoken” really spoke to me! Great one TOnex

“Unspoken” is most definitely not ” Out The Box” but is will most def satify your Tonex crave!

Indeed a mix between ” Pronounced Toe-Nay” and ” O2″

Get Your Copy Today!

He’s Baaaccck!!!!

April 16, 2009


Yes you read and are seeing things right before your eyes! TONEX is back!! and back in a mighty way!


I had the pleasure of attending  “I Crave.. with Tonex and HotSauce” on April 3rd at the Upper Room in Detroit, MI ( Advertise Plug: The Upper Room is great! Schedule your next event there TODAY). The event was a “shed” type of style. Equip with great, talented and anointed artist such as Jay & Jay Soul ( Get their Cd today “AutoVision” on — Review coming soon) and HOTSAUCE ( log on today:
Tonex had the opportuniy to vibe out with HotSauce and did a little freestyling!

The night was filled with freestyle praise and worship and audience participation. Tonex broke out an oldy but goody ” Personal Jesus”, which happen to be one of my favorites.

I, however wanted to hear some of the “Out The Box” stuff, but indeed the Tonex Remixed renditions of  old school classics such as ” Can’t Nobody Do Me Like Jesus” made up for it!
Indeed it was a sight and hear to see!! If you weren’t there, you missed a treat.

Now, I know many of my readers might be thinking.. well T.Marie has he really changed?

When individuals ask me about the event, I tell them like I am telling you now! It was good.. a sight to see and it is safe to say he is back. I have always respected Tonex for his heart for worship and his passion for people to get into the presence of God. Beyond the laid hair style, the fashion forwardness and the vocal acrobatics, this Maof God took the people in and provided them with what they needed.

Would I go to another Tonex event? Sure would.. because I feel like a True Tonex fan or supporter would appreciate ” I Crave” for what it really was!

Thank you Mann Made Productions ( for a great night!

The Wait is Over… Image of A Man

April 6, 2009

mwjcover1A lot of the fans of upcoming music sensation, Marvin Winans Jr have been waiting for over a year for the release of his debut album ” Image of A Man”.

Well it feels good to say the wait is over.. it feels better to say that it was WORTH the wait..

This cd appeals to all audiences, young or young at heart.

Some tracks in my opinion are even club worthy!

MWj takes you through a journey of what makes the image of a man or Woman in my case :)!

With tracks such as ” Image of A Man”, which invites listeners to tap into the image of a man.. a man walking in what God’s plan is for His life. and invites others to do the same..

His Hit Single ” You Never Let Me Down” places all listeners in reminder that no matter what’s thrown at you or how the winds of life may turn, God will never let us down. No matter what we have done, God remembers it not and continues to come through for us! What a Message!!!

He has other songs such as “Been So Long” and ” Single Rose”, which highlight the relationship between Man and God. How important it is to be with him, take the relationship back to our first love and most importantly how we can not live nor move without him!

MWj drops listeners with tracks such as “Push Pull”, “Put Your Love On Me”, “Come To Me” and “Believe” that is guarnteed to get you moving and motivate your soul!

This cd is a most HAVE!!! If you are having Winans Phase 2 withdrawals, indeed this cd will quinch your thirst and feed your soul.

Log on to to get your copy of the cd!!

Make sure you join Friendship Productions and Mwj at ” Image Of A Man” April 25, 2009
Also featuring Levitical Priesthood!

Tickets: $15.00
Location: The Upper Room
Attire: Well-Dressed Casual!! ( Aka. BRING YOUR SWAGG, Highlight the Image of Christ)
Time: 8pm-12am Read the rest of this entry »